Citiblox- {iTunes App Review}

Over 5 years ago I got my first iPhone.  It was just a months after the iPhone was released.  Back then there was just about 26 apps in the educations category.  Since then I have watched the apps grow.  And grow.   My App collection has grown also.  Five years later, we have finally introduced an iPad into our family (a birthday gift for me), which opens a whole new world of possibilities!  Now I get to take time to review upcoming apps.

CitiBlox-What is it?

I had a chance to try out a classic game  called Citiblox.

The rules are simple

  • Touch the gray line between the colored dots
  • You are the blue line, your phone is the red line
  • Complete any block or square to reveal a portion of the city underneath
  • If you complete a block, you get another turn
  • Complete the most blocks, and you reveal the animated city underneath

In Citiblox your opponent is the computer and your goal is to uncover the cities below.  The game can be played on the iPhone or on your iPad.

As you can seen, there is a city under the squares…this is the view from the iPhone and then the iPad for the three different levels.


What my Children Think of this Game?

I put the game in the hands of my three younger children.  My 10-year-old beat the first level fairly quickly.  He was challenged by the 2nd level, and hasn’t even attacked the third level. He must conquer the 2nd one before moving on, that is the way he roles.

My 5-year-old son understands the game on paper.  He enjoys just tapping the lines than playing on the iPad.  He doesn’t understand playing against someone who “doesn’t helps him win” along the way.  He will learn though.

My 6-year-old daughter, enjoys playing level 1.  She says it is fun, and she likes seeing the city.  She hasn’t yet mastered that true concept of the game, but is working on it.  She does ask if she can play it.

My 10-year-old son is challenged by this game.  He loves simple games like this and he loves winning.  This game is a quick for him and he likes to think about what the computer will do next.  At one point he was trying to beat level two and all of a sudden I hear “level two why are you mocking me?”

What I think of it?

I finally beat level three….in the middle of the night when I could not sleep.  It took me an hour and I was determined to beat it.  I loved the fact I could take my time playing this game!  This is classical game with a fun surprise below and keep watch, those cities change!

CitiBlox is great for

  • at a restaurant
  • at the doctors
  • traveling
  • Shopping
The game itself also teaches children and adults skills such as
  • future thinking
  • problem solving
  • logical thinking

Where to Find More Information

  • CitiBlox was developed by Jennifer at AdAir
  • CitiBlox can be found on iTunes
  • Make sure you go like their facebook page to keep up with the up coming apps!

What is Coming Up Next?

Mindstorm IPhone app


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