Our Chalkboard Writing Center Area {homeschool room}

I did this Ultimate Guide two weeks ago on Homeschool Rooms.  Our homeschool room/area is far from being done.

Our book shelves are done.

Our portable homeschooling shelves are done.

We are not ready.  I have been dealing with a family crisis (more to come later), getting ready for family vacation, and the beginning of school.  I am ok that we don’t look all perfect, neat and ready. We will get there.

My 10-year-old saw my post.  He saw this picture and said ” Mom, let’s make one.”

I said sure honey, let’s make something like that.  We had chalk board paint. We bought a board at Home Depot.  Robby painted the first coat. I did the rest.  I had two shelves I thought would work, but they were not the right size.  Yesterday by chance at Staples I found two that were 50% off!  Dan and Robby put those together for me.



Ok, so it is not as pretty as the first one!  But I like I the fact my son saw a picture, and we did something with it!  So for now, we are going to call this our “Writing Center”   I put the shelves sideways to help keep sticky hands off of them….I think I will put curtains over them later. (my two younger ones take everything out and apart.  EVERYTHING!  When we do foster care -may times those children will also take apart things I have worked on to keep together-so I am trying to think 5 steps ahead of them)

On top I will keep writing tools, plus the bins will have writing prompts in them.  On the walls I will put up a magnet board to hang ideas and a pocket hangar to put other ideas in it.  In the shelves below I will have lots of our writing activities and supplies on them-such as paper, letter tracing, ABC games and their writing journals.  The dictionary, thesaurus, and other word books for younger children are on the shelves.  As the year goes on I will add to it.

Robby has just started taking an interest in writing (going into 5th grade) and the two little ones are moving fast in the area!  I want to spark that creativity and provide a fun place for them to write what ever is on their mind!

Stool or Chair?

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