Old Books Enjoyed on New Technologies

If you have followed me or know me you know I love books. I especially love old books. But the old book I have are old and the more hands that are on them the more they are falling apart. So they sit on selves.

I do bring them out to show my kids, but I don’t let them handle them. I have books from the 1800’s, even a few earlier. I have the bible and catechism that my great, great grandmother used when she was a little girl. What is so neat about that is the words are still the same as the one the kids use today.

As I started homeschooling, I decided I would rather use fewer texted books and more living books. Now here is something else you should know about me. I believe in keeping up with times and how children/people learn. It is not the material that needs to be changed, but the way it is presented. Take the movie John Carter. I had no idea that Edgar Rice Burroughs, who I knew from Tarzan, wrote the book Princess of Mar’s which the movie was based on. He wrote Princess of Mars in 1912! That book was the stepping stone for many of the sci-fi movies that are out today. (PS-Kindle version of Princess of Mars at Amazon is free-click on book to get it!)

Robby right away wanted to read Princess of Mars-a strong story that stood the test of time. The invention of the Kindle and iPad and other related type of e-readers is bringing back older literature to a younger generation. Instead of me being fearful of the book falling apart while the children are looking and reading them, we can pull it up on a Kindle, or even my iPhone. Modern technologies advance us to the next level of gathering information at our finger tips. What use to fill a whole wall with books, now fills a kindle and fits in our hand.

For my birthday I got an iPad! It has opened up a whole new world for books.  Not only can I use the Kindle on it, but I also had books on iBook.  And the same day I heard rumors that Target had clearance their Kindles, so I went and got one for school.  The first book I bought for it, Princess of Mars!

I am honored to be partnering up with Heritage History. They have gathered that large library of pre 1926 books and put them together for you. I received in the mail my CD with over 80 books and I am excited to load them into the Kindle and use them this year!

I am excited to give away free one of their Curriculums to one of my readers!  Their Young Reader collection is perfect for the elementary student. Just enter below!


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  1. Awesome giveway!

  2. I will often read books on y phone while waiting for an appointment to start, but nothing beats a paper book in the hand!

  3. Chloe N'me says:

    Technology definitely has changed the way we read and also what we read. It has truly opened up what is available to us ~worlds we never knew existed! Great post :)

  4. Yes! I swore I was never going to use an e-reader, but when I was given a Kindle as a gift, that changed. I love how portable it is, but I’d have to say that I still read 50% print.

  5. Carlie Kercheval says:

    Technology has certainly changed the way I read books. Because I am able to have so many stored on my iPad and Kindle, it gives me the ability to start and finish more books :) I also love how when on my Kindle keyboard, I can read in the sun and it doesn't hurt my eyes – no glare!

  6. I have always loved books also. I love to go into a library knowing there is so many books to choose from, it puts me in my happy place! The kindle is awesome for school and books out of print.

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