Our Homeschool Room Area: Portable Homeschooling shelves

As I share in my Ultimate Homeschool Room post, we don’t have a room for homeschooling, but we have areas. In the end they will all end up at the kitchen table-although I am trying to create their own learning areas this year. It is my first year teaching 4 kids, so it will be a learn as I go experience.

Now we have not started homeschooling, nor we will “official start” till September. We have a big “start of the school year” trip planned for the first week so my school stuff is still work in progress right now.

We have a huge sunroom room on the back of our house. It use to be the huge back porch that we turned into the sunroom. It is about 400 sq feet of wonderful space, hard to organize. Well I always tell my hubby, let me have the freedom of about $20,000 and I can organize and decorate it nicely:) In that room we have the kids TV area, one the main home schooling areas, the dogs crate, a ping pong table (stays folded up unless they are playing), a gliding chair for reading on the other side, a few toys, a lot of junk I am trying to go through and get rid of, and our portable homeschooling shelves.

What I love about these shelves is they are on wheels so I can easily move them! I got these at Target. The top shelf gives me a safe, “away from hands” place to put some things, like my laminated, cutter and microscope. The crates have some science stuff in them and just some random other stuff-more odd and ends that I buy for our schooling.

The labels on the containers are chalk board. I have not labeled them cause I have not official decided what will go in each one. The other labels I found at Wal-Mart.

My white board should easily hang with a few “s” hooks, (see I haven’t used the board since we did our Grapevine Study Review) I could hang other things from it too.

I had my hubby adjust the bottle shelves to get the two drawers off of the floor, plus I have them over just enough the little kids can’t pull out the drawers. (I have to always be kid proofing my homeschooling area or else EVERYTHING will end up out)

My Math U See boxes fix perfectly on the bottom shelf.

homeschool room selves

I will post more areas this week, keep coming back!

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  1. Love the all the bins! 3 empty’s too, score! I bet having a sunroom to school is so nice, natural light is the best! Stopping by from the Hop, thanks for sharing.

    • mommahopper says:

      Thanks! I am sure I will fill them up soon! LOL We love the light-especially in the winter! Thanks for coming by!


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