The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Rooms

The smell of  freshly sharpen pencils, stacks of notebook paper, boxes of curriculum being delivered to the door and new water color paints start getting families excited for the new school year.  Every summer I find myself figuring out how to set up our homeschool area/room.  I looked a few years ago for some inspiration for homeschooling rooms, and didn’t find many.  In the last few years and with the help of Pinterest, it seems that more moms are willing to share their homeschooling space. So I was able to take a peek into the windows of some of these homeschooling families!

I always tell people homeschooling is a lifestyle.  Don’t let homeschooling over take your house.  I try not to let our house look like a “classroom”  But I try to let the classroom be our house.  So I have moved into calling our “Homeschool Room” our “Homeschool area” because in the long run they will all end up at the kitchen table.

But each family is different and that is the nice thing about homeschooling.

You get to do it the way it fits for your family!

I am excited to be  joining almost 40 other blogging homeschool moms over at iHomeschool Network for the Ultimate Guides!  Have fun visiting all these great homeschooling rooms! Have a homeschool room you would like me to visit, leave a comment!

Then head over to the other Ultimate Posts and see what they have to offer!  Make sure you leave comments! You could win some free books!

Homeschooling Rooms

  • Rossimorehouse is a first time  homeschooling mom with some amazing ideas for their homeschooling room.  One of my favorite is the hopscotch rug.

  • Head over here to check out this awesome basement homeschooling area!
  • Over at Frugal Fun 4 Boys use their dinning room as their homeschooling room.  Many families don’t have whole separate rooms for homeschooling.  I love the way she has her selves organized!  Also check out her library cart!

  • Looking to make some book selves for your homeschool room, check out Denisein Bloom.  She has instructions for her Rain Gutter bookshelves.
  • Look at this great Homeschool area for younger ones!  Makes sure you head over to  Corner Stone Confession see what is in those containers on the edge!

  • Over at Our Homeschool Review they shared their homeschool room.  They end up in our favorite place to learn, the kitchen table.
  • Over at Our School is at Home you can go visit and see how school and home are just one together. And check out Dudley!  Every Homeschool class room (Ok every class room) needs a teddy like this!
  • Wander over to Family Team of 4 to see how this family transitions from little girl homeschooling to big girl homeschooling.   (Sniff sniff, makes me sad to think of the day I have to put the art easel away!)
  • At Small World at Home the actually get to use an apartment attached to their house for their homeschool adventures!

  • The husband over at The Domestic Diva lost his Man Cave for a homeschooling room.  Poor guy, the sacrifices we make for our kids!
  • Walk on up to Homeschool Creations and see what you get above their garage.


  • Hop over to Ziesmer to see their homeschool room, plus workboxes and schedules and a whole bunch more!
  • Here is the Morning Routine Wall of their school room over at Our Goodwin Journey.
  • Check out the books selves on the wall at Rossimorehouse.
  • At Living Life Intentionally their homeschool room is not just their room, but like most homeschooling families, it is the world.

  • I love how Living a Redeemed Life took a beat up dresser and made an awesome book self for their homeschooling room!
  • Here is some of our book selves we just reorganized.  Our room is coming next week.


  • Now at Our Busy Homeschool they have some selfs like we have!
  • Over at Journey Westward their learning area has many different selves with different themes. Here is their Kindergarden selves

  • Uncommon Commonness gives a nice tour of their homeschooling area!  Love their door shoe storage, great for many things other than shoes!  (I have many doors with these on them!)
  • Go Meet Penny and see how see keeps her Arts and Craft Cabinet together.

  • Mommy Life invested in a half circle school table.  I love those style of tables!
  • At The Momma Knows here is one of her cabinets

  • Check out how one mom reorganized her small homeschool area at Hall of Fame Moms.
  • Over at Not Consumed they have set up these awesome desk areas for their kids to learn at.

  • Over at Satori Smiles they share many different Homeschooling areas!  Love the Science Station!
  • At Hodgepodge she show these baskets fit into into home decoration and  creates storage for some great middle school kids!  I personally love the baskets and you will find them on our selves!

  •  Looking for some great ideas for a nature center, then pop on over to Daily Thoughts on my Tots.
  • Looking for ideas on setting up a Montessori homeschooling, check out Living Montessori, they have gobs of ideas.
  • Looking for ideas for a Montessori set for homeschooling your little ones, head over to Fruit in Season Blog.  Check out these awesome child size selves! Montessori homeschool room

 What a few moms are saying about their homeschooling rooms!

  • I love to browse Houzze and get lots of cool ideas!  Check out their homeschool room ideas!
  • Need help planning your homeschool room?  Check out this awesome site called Designing Life!
  • Over at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom she has a great post on some great DIY homeschooling organization ideas.

And of course head over to Pinterest and check out homeschool rooms and kid organization ideas!  Sometimes just looking gives us enough confident, that we can do!

Next week come back for the Not Back to School Blog Hop and see what our homeschooling area will look like for this year!


As an extra bonus, Apologia is generously providing four prizes:

Four random people who comment on the posts on all the Ultimate post will win these four books. So the more you comment on the different posts, the greater your chances of winning!  So make sure you leave your comment here and then head over to all the other great Ultimate post and leave you comments there!

(Winners limited to age 18 and up with US address.)



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  1. Colleen P says:

    Love all the organization ideas! Right now, homeschooling has taken over our tiny apartment, but someday it would be nice to corral everything. Bookmarking for the future.

  2. I love looking at homeschool rooms. Great ideas!

  3. This has been one of my FAVORITE ultimate guides to read. First, because I jokingly describe our decorating style as "postmodern homeschool" or sometimes just "library," and second because I am total house voyeur and love to see everyone else's! Thanks for including us (and Dudley!)

    • mommahopper says:

      I thought he was awesome! My kids are begging me to buy one at Costco, I just may break down and do it (my hubby doesn’t read this right?) what a great reading corner with a big teddy bear!

  4. I love, love, loved this Ultimate Guide! ^_^ So many awesome areas and ideas…a treasure trove, indeed.

    Here is our homeschool room as well:

    • mommahopper says:

      I LOVE you homeschool Room! You are so blessed to have such a talented husband! The desk idea was great and oh I would love to have chalk boards like that! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Thanks! Yes, my husbands creativity shows up quite strongly in my youngest, which is a wonderful thing, but oh. my. goodness. – keeping him in ‘materials’ to build his cute little projects is a challenge! lol Let’s just say he goes trough a lot of cardboard, sticks, staples, and packing tape. ^_^

  5. I so agree with you that simply just looking at organized homeschool areas definitely gives us the confidence that we too can create a similar space! When I am feeling discouraged or overwhelmed or simply just stuck in an organizing rut, I get on Pinterest or Google and browse away. It’s really a hobby I think. lol! :)

    • mommahopper says:

      LOL I think my hobby becomes ummm an addiction some nights! But I get some many great ideas, and I know where they are!

  6. I am getting so excited for this coming school year. Thanks for sharing some school room ideas.

  7. Douglas N Rachel Goff says:

    What great ideas I have gleaned from all these wonderful places! Thank you for posting!!!

  8. Thanks so much for this ultimate homeschool blog. Also, thanks for letting me know about the other Ultimate Subjects. I plan to thumb those subjects as well. There are so many great ones to view it will take me a while! Also, thanks for featuring my hopscotch rug! I pinned the main Ultimate page.

    • mommahopper says:

      Your welcomed! My kids now want me to make them one! They play outside but think it would be great to play inside doing the winter! What a great idea! I look forward to seeing how you first year goes!

  9. I love having all these ideas in one wonderful place!

  10. Hey thanks for the shout out! Your guide is great– I love seeing the different ways everyone sets up their schoolrooms. :)

  11. Brooke Shambley says:

    Thank you so much for including my design services on your list! Right now, I have switched to home organizational printables due to a move, but my Homeschool E-design will be up on my Etsy Shop soon. Thanks again!

  12. I really enjoyed seeing all these rooms! It always amazes me how homeschoolers design schooling into their homes and lives. One of my daughters saw the pictures and wants to use one of the color schemes in our school room now. Sounds like a good idea!

  13. Happy to hear! love your blog and your way of writing! Perhaps you will show me a few tips.

  14. kBoeTopangafmija says:

    Excellent article. Very refreshing provided all the duplicate content available. Cheers for doing some thing original.

  15. trying to organize my homeschool area in my apartment. help please

    • mommahopper says:

      Start small and with basics! Look at what other people did, get some great ideas-but remember you don’t need to be like them! Create a fun, happy place to to your family learning. Hope you find some great ideas! Feel free to ask more questions! My computer is up and running again!


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