Salt Boxes for Writing and Cursive First Curriculum

When I started teaching Robby Spell to Read and Write we started using a salt box for writing. I used a Tupperware box with some salt. When I told them all we are using Spell to Read and Write again Robby said we had to make salt boxes for each one of them. Robby picked out the boxes for each one. As I went on a hunt through the house for our Cursive First program (parallels to the Spell to Read and Write program) I found our first salt box.

Salt boxes for learning to spell


We got two boxes at the craft store half price. Salt is about .75 at the store. I do need to color the lid of the inside so they can see the letters as the write. Today I let them try it out. They got the feel of the salt. They wrote letters and drew. Robby would play with this for a long time. This is where he wrote his first cursive word “cat” (I can’t find that picture). He was so excited! Robby is left-handed and I wish I had started this earlier, but I didn’t start the Spell to Read and Write program till he was in first grade, which meant I didn’t know about the Cursive First program till then.

Salt box writing

Salt Box Writing

I did keep them on the floor because they do like to make a mess!
Salt box writing
After a while I got the idea that these could be a little science/math too! So I gave them each a spoon, little strainer, and container. That gave me another 45 minutes! They loved that!
Salt box writing and science
Yes I have salt on my floor, and it is ok!
They will store nicely.
Salt box writing boxes

I have not used the Cursive First Program for a few years. I had to do some hunting for my box! I like this program because it piggy backed the Spell to Read and Write. Robby is left-handed and shows signs of dyslexia. It made teaching him hard. Cursive helped him not switch letters such as “b’s” and “d’s” and as he wrote it was easier for him to move his hand to create his words.

I know some say cursive is dead, everything is in print. I disagree. Learning cursive is a form of handwriting that lets children have a sense of pride of something they created. It is almost a form of art. Robby has just now started on his own writing in cursive. He would only write for me because He had to. I didn’t force him. It was wanting to write like Disney, that give them that joy in writing in cursive. Now he is working hard to write in cursive all over. I gave him the foundations years ago with Cursive First. Now I am getting ready to give that foundation to AnQuenette and Isaiah. AnQuenette I believe will pick it up fast. Isaiah, we will see-he wants to do want everyone else is doing. This will be new for me-teaching two so close in age, so we will see how this goes!
As with the salt writing, feeling the letters is a good way for kids to learn. I had gotten these for Robby to help him. Now we will get to use them again! I got them out to show the to little ones today!
I also used the cards to teach cursive. The cards also had the sounds on them with was a great review. Isaiah thought I was going to teach right there as I was showing them the cards. I think he is ready for school to start!
I had gotten this clock stamp to help Robby with some of his letter formation.

The curriculum comes with practice pages. I was copying them and having Robby do them. He also used tracing paper to practice some of his letters as he got older.

cursive first
I had each of the sheets in a sheet protector. As I said I was copying them, but then I thought I can just use a dry ease marker and it works! Saves paper!
cursive first
Here is the bin I had most of the things in minus the folder.
Cursive First

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  1. The Salt boxes are awesome! I love those cards too! Thanks for sharing what you have found that works for you.

    • mommahopper says:

      Your welcome:). I also find writing in the air helps them too. And chalk on the drive way is a fun way to learn.

  2. I was wondering where you purchased the yellow laminated cards from or were they from inside the manual and you photocopied them and had them laminated? Also, where can I purchase the sandpaper letters? I was not able to find them on the SRW website. Thank you in advance for your advice!

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