Tale of Two Summer Movies

I just got done taking my kids to see Ice Age 4 – 3D and last month we went and saw Madagascar 3 – 3D.

Each one a tale of talking animals.

Each one about a lost or misplaced family.

Each one about getting back to home-at what ever the cost.

Each one about fighting the bad guys to get there.

Each one about not giving up to get what you need.

Each one about finding love.

Each one about doing what is right to get where you need to be.

Each one funny.

Each one with great 3D effects.

Each one kept me on the edge of my seat.

Each one made me think past the story into my story, my life.

There was a point in Madagascar 3 where they were standing on the outside of the Zoo looking in.  It is not that the Zoo is a bad place.  I glanced at my kids and thought that is how I feel sometimes.  Standing on the outside looking in at something I thought I wanted, but really didn’t.   We tend to separate kids, siblings thinking that is how they learn and grow best.  For some it does.  Not for all.

I don’t want to be put into the “boxes” created.  If at 4 years old a child is not potty trained, but can read, should he not be allowed to be in a class to excel at reading?  But because he is not potty trained, he is held back.  Even within the church we tend to say everything follows the “box”.  Our last VBS, we did not stress about whether if some child came out of 5th grade or 6th.  If they wanted to come, they could.  I went to another  VBS and a friend came, and her daughter was told she could not go, because she was going into 6th grade, just 4 months older than my son going into 5th grade.  Those “boxes” are hurting us instead of helping us grow.

This is from RSA Animate-Changing Educate Paradigms.  It just made me think of this video.

Today walking out of Ice Age 4, the biggest thing I got out of, is family is family.  I loved how these movies are putting together families that are different.  For our kids they need to see that you can be a family even when you don’t all look the same or come from the same place.  Family is the people that know you and love you!  We are family or are we Ham and Cheese.  Go see Ice Age 4  to find out!

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