10 Reasons to be Excited for School


To be honest, the excitement for school has really not hit our house. The two older boys are not excited at all. We just got use to summer. AnnieQ and Isaiah are excited and a little confused. We sent AnnieQ to public kindergarten last year. Isaiah has always been very content to be with me and the boys at home. So he is not sure what school is or where it is. He thinks it will be where AnnieQ went. It is tempting, and I loved AnnieQ’s kindergarten teacher, she was awesome. I didn’t have the time to do anything with her class, or give of my time the way I felt I should. It was a hard schedule for us. So this year will be an adjustment for us.

So today, I asked them what they were excited about. Here is there video. Very raw. And yes every video we take Isaiah feels that we need to say “Good Luck Charlie!”

I think the best for us that builds excitement is new curriculum. There was an excitement today -our Math-U-See came today! Oh where they excited! Ran and got the box. Robby asked if he can open it up. He was excited (in a I’m a cool 10-year-old way) to see his new book. AnnieQ and Isaiah where thrilled! As you can see they are excited about school!



Here is what momma is most excited about

  • Our trip to New York, Canada , and Philadelphia and Disney Cruise.
  • Jeremy’s Senior Year
  • Having all 4 home together
  • New books
  • New System and Homeschool area
  • Not feeling stressed about schooling
  • Disneyschooling in November
  • Field Trips
  • Jeremy’s Graduation
  • Trip to Europe


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