When Kids Get into Trouble

Our Rule of Thumb

Time out-1 minute for every year

This does not start till they are quite.

What kid wants to get caught?

One tattles.

One lies.

One gets caught.

One gets mad.

But as momma’s we must hold firm to our plan, and I am not always good at this. They play these sweet little eyes at me and can melt my heart. Or sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it.

Today, one got mad because they got caught lying. Put in time out. Screamed for 13 minutes “cause they had to go potty and I was a poop poop head.” Me reminding them that they just sat in two extra time outs cause they were screaming, and I didn’t do that. They are quite now. But my nerves get frazzled. So I count, with my eyes closed, sometimes standing one my tippy toes (in hopes that maybe the crying child will wonder what I am doing and stop crying) to not hear it. And now I have two in the kitchen in time out.

Time outs. When I bring them out I ask them why they where sent to time out. We process it. We will process these things many times. It is a training period.

Sometimes my oldest sometimes tells me I am grounded to my room. I smile-thinking this isn’t such a bad deal for me and say “ok, see you in a while!”

What happens in your house when kids get in trouble?

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