Top 10 List of Things to Tell a New Homeschool Family


It’s your house- not a school-house.


Homeschooling is a lifestyle-Don’t force it into your family; let it find time to settle with your family.


If the first curriculum does not work try something else. The freedom of homeschooling is to find what works for your family. Change it up if it doesn’t work.


Keeping your house clean will drive you crazy because you will live in your house 24/7. Make sure you have chores for kids and that you have your list. But don’t let your list control you.


Plan Meals. Plan Meals. Plan Meals.


Have a “Mommy Sick Day” plan. I get a lot of headaches and that was the day they got to watch TV or a Movie.


Connect with other homeschool families and other homeschool classes in your community. I am under a cover school with provided 3 field trips a month. My kids also sign up for classes at various places around town. (plus adult conversation is nice doing these outings!)


Keep your husband involved. I know it is hard when they are at work all day long! Make sure he knows what they are learning and how you, the mom, are doing teaching. What do you need help in? Keep this line of communication open.


You cannot be super mom to the world. Don’t even try. Just be their super mom.

And the number 1 advice I give to all new homeschooling families……drum roll please………..

HAVE FUN! Wahoo-you hear me! Aww school is hard enough as it is. We have fun. A moment of song and silly dance, or some serious tickling. Just fun.

(A side note-my kids wanted me to make a video. But my laptop-not working. My iPhone is full ‘cause my laptop is not working. And the desktop hates me. -The joy of blogging!)

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