The Launching Year has Begun

Today we celebrated my sons 18th birthday.  I sit in awe that we did that.  I have no birth story to tell, or can I complain of the hours of labor I was in with him.  Just that I have this amazing son.  He was 13 when he moved in with us.  Our lives have never been the same.  The good, the bad, the ugly we got it,  handled it and moved on.  We grew, spread our wings and soared to new places.  This is my last year having Jeremy has my “child at home” before he is out in this big world.  He will be starting his 12th grade this fall here and so many things are running through my head.

Not just with homeschooling and graduation.  College or tech school.  Maybe army.  What will his future be in terms of romance, love and marriage?  What about jobs and saving for the future?  Where is he going to live?  Will he have clean clothes?  I have had only 5 years to get him ready, is he ready?  I have to trust God that we have done what He needed us to do for him and this is our launching year.

I am learning as I go, some come along and  join me on Wednesdays as I (and a few guest bloggers) share our wisdom and experiences in launching our young adults into the world.

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming 12th grade year. It is my favorite year with my kids (but so much to think and pray about)! Best wishes to you both!

    • mommahopper says:

      Thank you! I guess in a year I will see how I feel!:) I really am looking forward to it!


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