10 Questions my Facebook Friends Asked about Homeschooling

Do the kids ever indicate they are “missing” out on anything? (prom, sports, recess)

  • I believe one of my other facebook friends answered that one
    • “I dont have any questions, but one answer -my homeschooled daughter went to Two proms this year…”
  • All my kids plays sports.    Baseball is big in our area so they play with kids from all different walks of education paths.
  • Personally  my husband and I didn’t goto our prom we still survived.
  • My kids can play outside when every they want to and are not limited to how long they can play.  No it is not filled with lots of children ever day, but it is filled with three kids and a dog with now.  When we goto the big play grounds we always run into other homeschool families.

Are your kids gaining enough social skills for the world?  So I did some research and found out what “social skills” kids need for the world.  Here are a few of them.

  • Greetings-Simply how to greeting other people.  On an average my children great at least 50-100 adults and children a week.  This social skill should be started at home when they are little and parents should be teaching kids these skills, regardless of where they are educated.
  • Initiating conversations– Oh my kids do not have this problem at all.  No not at all.  In fact sometimes, I wish they had this problem.  Teaching kids to have conversations means that adults are having conversations with kids.  This again starts when they are little.  My kids can start a conversation with a 10-year-old, an 80-year-old or a baby in a store.
  • Listening –what did you say?  We follow first time listening -with a joyful heart.  Does not always work.  But they listen in a conversation.  They listen when spoken to.  They just don’t always “listen.”
  • Empathizing –I have some kids that are great at this, and others that are learning.   This is something my oldest learned from us, not at school. In fact at school it was easy to not empathize with people there.  But we have some adopted children and our situation is different.
  • Apologizing again, something we do everyday, forgiveness.  This is learned at home first.  Regardless of education option, this must be modeled at home.

Do you worry about social implications or seen good or bad effects from the kids not having the typical school social setting? 

  • When I see Robby interact with people, I think he is this way because of the path we have taken for him.  Robby is a good kid, we would have made it in a typical school setting and Robby has adjusted when put into classes or camps.  I don’t worry about Robby any more.  He amazes me everyday.  Each one of my kids do.
  • I saw how Jeremy struggled in school in terms with social settings.  Even though I wasn’t on the band wagon the first day or two for homeschooling high school, I knew it was better for him.  The one on one attention was better.  But I do struggle with Jeremy more, just because I want the very best for him in the short amount of time I have him.
  • When Isaiah was in a typical school setting he was ummm telling teachers off.  He was 5.  So he is better where he is for now.  I worry about him of course.
  • AnQuenette is my social butterfly, it will not matter where is she is as long as her “fun bubble” is not burst!

Can you homeschool while both parents work outside the home?

  • Some do.  I couldn’t.  If you only had a high schooler maybe it would work.  I know a family who she works part-time in mornings.  She gives assignments and he works while she is gone. Most of his lessons are online or video lectures.  But for a family with younger children it would not work.  Many of our cover schools require one parent to be at home.  I know some private schools that require one parent to be at home.

Are we sheltering the kids from the world?

  • Well what world?  You mean the world of drugs, fights, gangs, bullies, clicks, political correctness, the big nanny hand taking over our schools.  Well then yes maybe I am sheltering them.   But they can handle them selves.  They have a firm foundation.  They know the world.  They know the going ons of the world.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  We are out and about all the time.  Will I let my 10-year-old have an air soft gun when his other friends have one.  No.  When he is older we will talk.  I am not sure how sitting in a class room all day gives them the world?

How can you feel sure your kids are on par or better off than those kids learning at public schools?

  • That is a good question.  How do you know the kid next to the other one in public school did any better?  I sent my little girl to public school this last year.  Want to know why read here.  I don’t think she had any more education than Robby did being at home.  Robby didn’t read by 1st grade.  I worried.  My old roommate- a 5th grade teacher who also homeschools, said just wait.  So I waited and one day it took off.  I didn’t push him when he wasn’t ready.  We learned when he was ready.  Not when the “box” said we had to do it.
  • Every school is different.  Every child is different.  Some children thrive in one area, others do not.
  • So even at a school, there will be children better than mine and children rating lower than mine.
  • So I guess to answer the question, I am not really worried about measuring how they measure up to the other kids right now.

Am I more qualified to teach my child than someone in an environment especially designed just for that reason?

  • First let me say I love teachers.  I think people who teacher are amazing.  There are some awesome outstanding teachers out there.  And there are some bad ones.
  • Am I more qualified?  Yes and no.  I have a Master’s in Education.  But not a teaching certificate.  I hated chemistry.  There are a lot of homeschool co ops that go on the strengths of parents and they teach these classes.  With modern technology and online classes, these fine teachers are only a click away.
  • As for the environment.  Sure a cool class room is fun to be in.  That is why I love organizing our “homeschool area!”
  • Key here, know your children, know your needs, and go forth.

Aren’t they going to miss out on all the really great school food?

  • AnQuenette said “No Uncle Chad”
  • Oh and the government is going to take out Cranberry juice next. I understand healthy, but come on.  Teaching moderation.  I don’t need a nanny.  After what happen with that little girls lunch, lets not get me started on school lunches!
  • Ps.  We packed and bought school lunches.  I was glad we had a choice.

Do you need a break?

  • Uh yea.  Of course.  I am a mom and a teacher.  I have a full-time job with over time.  Some day I get touched all the time.  I just want a non touch zone.  Or a question free zone.
  • Do I think about sending them to school.  Yes I do.  I wonder what it would be like to be home all day by myself.  Quiet.  Pondering that right now……
  • How do I get my breaks.  Target.
  • No really how do I get my breaks?  Ok, my kids are signed up for classes out in the “real world”  Huntsville is a homeschooling friendly city.
  • Still Target.  By myself.
  • Oh I also hide in my office AKA the bathroom.
  • My husband and I do take vacations by ourselves.  Yes that is right, by ourselves.
  • Oh and I go to conferences and retreats.  I have the most AMAZING husband who knows I still have a love for my “non paying” job as a DCE.  As a DCE I still get to do things like youth leader retreats and National Youth Gatherings.  And I hope that maybe I get to attend my first Homeschooling retreat-BEECH Retreat.
  • Oh Target and Starbucks.  Have I mentioned Starbucks.

Do you love it?

  • Yes
  • and no.
  • but 85% yes.  (if I had a maid it would be 100% yes:))


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  1. VERY good questions…I think most people are very curious about homeschool…and do not mean harm by their questions, just are not familiar enough! Love your answers

  2. Shelly Ivins says:

    Very good list today!

  3. Christine LaFerrara Hiester says:

    "If I had a maid it would be 100% yes." I second that! LOL

  4. We used to get the prom question all the time! Then our daughters– both– went to proms. Our 17yo went to one her Jr and Sr years. Prom is JUST a party but it’s fun for them to get dressed up and go to… NOT a necessary milestone for life! Homeschooling definitely doesn’t prevent prom attendance.

    • mommahopper says:

      Girls use to get dress up for a debutante which turned into the dances or proms. What girl doesn’t like to get dressed up!

  5. Melinda Collins Steagall says:

    Have to agree about the maid! But I still love it too!

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