When you Fail at making Moon Sand you Sun Bath

We were to make Sand castles #37 off our 100 things to do this summer.

Not knowing some events happening I  don’t know if we were getting to Florida to make sand castles. So I thought let’s make moon sand! I looked up many recipes. About all the same. 2 cups corn starch/4 cups sand/ 1 cup water. I times this by 8. Not suggested. It didn’t turn out just right.  By the time I was done, we were just dumping in the left over sand, and corn starch and the kids wanted more sand, and we were just having fun!  After a house the sand was beginning to look more like moon sand.

For the last hour my two little ones have had a BLAST playing in this stuff, trying to make sand castles,  and I got my dose of Vitamin D-AKA Sun bathing.

So we sorta failed at making moon sand, learned to make small batches not large ones, but we had fun, momma got some sun and we have some cool sand to play with this summer!

Here is our fun!








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Moon Sand


By mommahopper Published: June 21, 2012

    This sand is fun and sticks together. Make in small batches.



    1. Mix sand and corn starch together
    2. Mix in water
    3. Storage in air tight container
    4. You may need to add a little bit of water when you use it.
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