10 Methods of Homeschooling that May Not Work You But Does for Us.

10 Methods of Homeschooling that May Not Work You But Does for Us.

1.    Homeschooling became a possibility when we saw how the homeschooling children in our church interacted with adults and with each other.  It impressed me.  While that is not a “method” it was enough to turn my head and make me wonder what was up with that.  I was having adults come up to me and ask me “How do we make these youth talk to the adults?”  My response was simple, “You have to start young.”  In our society we separate our kids, our families too much.  This bothered me.  As a DCE working in a church I knew there was something more I could do.  As things played out, it began with my family.  As I stopped working, homeschooling seemed right and we set forward to have our children interact with as many people as we could.

As children come in and out of our house, some attend public schools.  We deal with it.  I love our public schools here.  They have served us well with our foster children bending over back wards to get the services that they needed.

2.    I read a book from Dr. James Dobson Bringing up Boys.  He made note that public schools made a shift from being good for boys to being great for girls.  He suggested homeschooling boys because boys need more moving time and outside time.  I agreed and it just started to confirm our beliefs that homeschooling would be good for us.   Last year I sent my little girl to Kindergarden, she loved it.  It was set up for girls, and it was the little boys that the teacher had a hard time with.  For an adoptive family this time is also a great time for bonding and growing together.

3.    As I was researching I ran across a book by Karen Andreola titled Charlotte Mason Companion.  I was hooked.   I started researching everything Mason for a while.  These were they key things I took from Charlotte Mason

  • Shorter lessons
  • Nature walks
  • Study Artist a year
  • Study composers a year
  • Living books
  • Creating Habit

4.    I also realized that I have some Classical style to me.  I wanted my kids to learn some Latin.  As I studied more I learned of the Trivium which is from the Latin prefix “Tri” meaning “three.”  These three stages made sense to me: Grammar, Dialectic, Rhetoric.

5.   Lutheran Catechismbeing raised in the Lutheran Church and a DCE I believe that Martin Luther wrote the Catechism for parents to teach their kids, not just for pastors or DCE’s to teach their students.  So starting in my home is the best place to start this.

6.   I was also intrigued by the concept with Montessori’s  ideas.  I loved just putting various items out and letting my son pick what he was going to do.

7.   Unschooling-Self guided.  While we don’t really follow this method, this style has given me a sense of relax when things get crazy and we need to let go of our schedule for a bit.  You would be surprised how much the kids really want to learn when given free time to do it!

8.   Disneyschooling-is this a method?  If not, I just made it one.  We do a lot of schooling there.  It is like a HUGH living text-book.  We do Disney at least 2-3 times a year.

9.   Online Resourcesinformation is only a finger tip away!   Some only use the internet.  We use ours for information.  If we don’t know something we Google it.  We watch YouTube Videos.  We love Netflix.  One days that momma doesn’t feel good it becomes a computer/TV day.  It works for us.

10.   When I started High school Homeschool it challenged everything I knew about homeschooling.  I loved Charlotte Mason.  But how to bring that into High school-for a child who hasn’t been homeschooled before, for a child who had only been in our home for a few years.    With some growing pains the first year we finally found  Alpha Omega’s LIfepacs and that has been our high school method.  It works for us.

I think the key to all this is that you do what is best for your family.  All this works for us.  We fall back on Charlotte Mason as our main way of schooling.  But we are not die-hard Charlotte Mason homeschoolers.  I had to adjust for my high schooler.  We do what works for our family and we reevaluate every year.    For us people also influenced why we homeschooled.  If it wasn’t for these families, we may never had even started the adventure in homeschooling.


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  1. Oh how I wish we could Disney-school! Seriously though, we have many similar reasons for our homeschool methods: CM, classical, influence of friends who homeschool, etc. Love your blog!

    • mommahopper says:

      Thanks for hopping by!I think this is the best way to homeschool! Hopefully one day you can try Disney school! It is awesome! LOL

  2. I agree. Homeschooling has the advantage of being able to be tailored to each family and child. Finding what works best may take more work than buying a prepackaged curriculum, but it is worth it.

    • mommahopper says:

      But the work is so worth it! I love mixing it up, and now with 4 being homeschooled I have learned that the big key is Flexibility!! LOL. Thanks for hopping by!

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