Summer Tie Dying #56 off of our List


Today we finally did#56 of our 100 things to do this summer list!

  Tie Dying! 

We had friends come over and using some tie dying kits I have had for a while and some new  dye I bought we created some fun shirts and pillow cases.  I have done tie dying for years, it is just something fun to do.  This year I wanted to do something a bit more advanced.  So I googled, YouTube, and searched.  I decided I was going to learn the swirl.

I didn’t do the first step today.  I just didn’t find any (I will look harder later)  It took me about 20 times to get the first one twirled.  I did twirl and then soak cause I looked at a few other videos. I really winged it with the family shirts I made.  I didn’t make my royal blue color bright enough.  I used Rite Liquid Dye, but I am not sure I did everything right.  But for first time I did good.  The other shirts tall the kids did I used the basic kit you can find in the store.

My goal is to make family Disney Cruising shirts.  Here is our shirt, the tie dye is the base of the shirt.  I still have a few more steps to go and a few more months to get it done!.  I have a few more steps to make them look awesome!  My hope was for a deeper blue, but the Royal blue was more like a purple.  I can work with it!

Tie Dying

So after all was said and done we ended up with some cool looking shirts.  After we cleaned up, the kids made water balloons with the gloves we used, and from the box.  The kids had a great time, really some cool shirts, and my hands are different colors (which is why you should wear gloves.)

Tie Dying


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