Books, books and more BOOKS!

We have too many books. And not enough space! I love books! I love old books. Books tells stories, give details, paint pictures.

We have a lot of kids books. Because we homeschool we have more than normal amount of books. This was the week I went through 75% of the kids books. I know more are hiding!

We organize our bookshelves twice a year. And homeschooling books once a year. After last year with our two foster boys things still are being put back together.

So I had kids bring all books from their rooms and here is what I started with on Monday!






Two garbage bags of trash and broken books. All board books packed away for an other little one one day.

Here it is after I was done. We are blessed with wonderful built ins that I love to fill with books!
I use baskets to break them up and for smaller books. I have all bible books in spot. All readers I got news bins for and separated them.





Ok so I didn’t get to the top! And I still have MORE BOOKS!!!!

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  1. It looks great! When you first set out to organize the books, didn’t it look like an insurmountable task? That’s how I always feel, but then, little by little it gets done.

    Nice job! I need to get organized before school starts.
    Adventures of a Homeschool Mom

    • mommahopper says:

      Lol after I had all the kids bring me the books I thought AaaHHHHH what did I do? When I was done it felt so much better!! I always feel over whelmed-but it is so worth it!

      Thanks for hopping by!

  2. I too am constantly reorganizing our books! It has been on my mental to do list to find a spot for all of our children’s bibles and devotionals. I still am waiting for a light bulb to go off with a brilliant idea and spot. :) oooOOoo, I think it JUST went off!! Now if I can only remember it tomorrow so I can make it happen. It is almost midnight here. lol! Night!


  1. […] is some of our book selves we just reorganized.  Our room is coming next […]

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