Makings of a Strong Family-Participating

9.  Giving Everyone a Chance to Participate

It is not fair.  She gets to do it and I don’t.  He get’s one and I don’t have one.  It is not fair!  In our family our kids ages range from 5-17.  This creates a unique way of life for us.  The two younger ones are treated different than the two older ones and the oldest gets to do things that the three younger ones don’t.  And Robby who is 10 gets to do things that others don’t.  It’s confusing in a way, but not really.  They all want to do everything all the time and in reality, they all just can’t.

Participating with Household Task

The one thing that always struck me was my little ones ALWAYS wanted to help me do “stuff.”  Give them rag and they love wiping things down.  They love switching laundry around and folding towels.  Give them little task and they love to participate in household task.  It is more fun to clean with momma and daddy and some music having fun, than with momma yelling for it to get done.  When everyone participates, everyone feels good about the house.

Participating with Ideas

I try to involved the kids in ideas for us to do!  It does not always work and sometimes I get really interesting answers. It gets their mind thinking of possibilities and gives them a chance to take part in family decisions.

Games to participate in

Since our kids range in so many different ages, the best thing I have found for all of us to participate in together is bowling.  Last night was Dan’s birthday and he chose bowling.  We had such a great time.  From youngest to oldest!  And I even won two of the three games (which I NEVER win) !  It was a great way for us to participate together.  We had two lanes, one with bumpers one without (yes I won without!)  Everyone left feeling pretty good about themselves and the fun evening we had!

So in your family, find the things you all can participate in together.  Maybe it is camping, or dance.  Maybe it is sports, or scouts.  There are many possibilities.   You can just go bowling!

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