Our Not so Average Top 10 Reasons Why We Homeschool

Every year I wonder, why am I doing this to my self. Why do I torture myself with the book work, the organization of stuff, the paper work and papers all around me. Next year will be the year I send the off and within the next week, I am planning for the next year, ordering curriuclum organizing the room for the coming year.

Why do we homeschool?

Here is our not so average top 10 reasons why we homeschool.

  1. No school list. We can shop for school supplies after the insane crazy crowds go away and every thing is on CLEARENCE! Oh the orange little sticker at target excites me. Ok focus….
  2. We use the drive way as a chalkboard. I mean come on who can do that in a classroom?
  3. No bathroom pass. Although I have considered this cause it seems that my kids often need to go. Normally when they don’t want to something, or in trouble. “Oh mom I got to go soooo bad, right now or I pee in my pants.” Do they not know I was once little and perfected these lines!
  4. We like to travel. We have family all over the USA and traveling while school is in makes in much easier. We are able to give our kids hands on lessons. In Septemeber we will be heading to New York City to go on a cruise to New Egland and Candana. In Novevemver we will head down to Disney. Dan is taking one of our kids for a week of Daddy and kid time and the other kids and I will do Disneyschooling.
  5. Disneyschooling. Oh yeah, school at Disney world! There are a HUGE amount of resources there for learning! Beyond just having fun at the parks we do papers, drawings, and talk about what we learn. There are also classes there that you can sign kids up for once a year. We have never done that yet, but one day…
  6. Lots of Field Trips. This last year I had homeschool kids and public school kids. (Now please understand I love our local public school. I think they are awesome and they worked hard to help us with our foster boys. We know our foster kids have to goto public school. While it is hard, it is do able.) Our daughter attended Kindergarden (loved her teacher) at our local school and went on a few field trips. With our homeschool group we go on 2-3 field trips a months. You pick and chose.
  7. For the looks. I love telling people I homeschool. They tend to tilt their head a little and say, “wow your a saint. I could never do that!” I laugh and say “somedays I think I can’t do that!” What’s even better is when I tell them we do foster care. Now I don’t say it to boast, but I got a story to tell. And if I can do it, why not you.
  8. It is all HOMEWORK! You heard me, all homework. And all our homework is normally done by 1:30 every day. My kids love homework. They think it’s great! Yes they have melt downs and scream and cry. But so do my other friends kids too, just in the evening.
  9. We pray when we want to. We don’t homeschool because there are no good Christian schools around. Our Lutheran Day schools are excellent and if I go back to work as a called DCE that is where my children will attend. Homeschool allows me the chance to be with my kids and we can worship and praise God any where, any time, any place through out our day.
  10. I sleep next to the principle and there is no scandle at all to be reported on the front page! My husband and I are a team. This is our family, our house, our learning place, our home. Here we raise and educate our kids.



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