I Scream You Scream we all Scream for Popsicles!

That’s right!


That is the crave of the summer, or at least that is what I have read and it has made its way into our house!

So far we have made Pickle pops, frozen soda, milk, yogurt, and I am not sure about one. The kids are just freezing things to see what happens and if it is good.

Hmmm isn’t that a science project. My freezer has interesting things in right now! They are even thinking about what they can freeze for the dog!


So I researched for some great and unique popsicle recipes! Here they are…

    1. Froyo popsicle-made with Turkish Yogurt.
    2. Over at We LOVE being moms they had some great ideas for some yummy popsicle.
    3. Munchin with Munchkin has an interesting Creamy Avocado Green Tea Popsicle going on!
    4. Who doesn’t love a simple summer lemonade popsicle? Over at The Tent Tribe they have a simple recipe to try!
    5. Now if I were singing this would be the golden ring…Creamed Corn Popsicle! You heard me! I think it sounds awesome and think it is worth trying!
    6. Snack Girl has great ideas for summer pops. I have notice many using almond milk this year.
    7. The key word in this popsicle CHOCOLATE –Mint Chocolate chip fudge pops. Yumm. Double Yumm.
    8. Macaroni Kid Southbury keeps heathy and fun in popsicle with these tri color/fruit funness.
    9. Two Frugal Fairfielders keep us in tune of how to save money by making our own popsicle.
    10. Dandysugar made simple mouth-watering fruity pops, the way I remember growing up. But with real fruit!
    11. Really this one comes from an air conditioner system. But simple and inexpensive-at least that is what they say!
    12. What I am amazed with is all the really cool things out there to make the popsicle in! I like simple and sweet, cause I am running out of room in my kitchen.


So get freezing!

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  1. […] I was in a store one day and saw these star ice cube trays.  These are cool!  My kids are freezing everything thing right now.  So I brought them home and took the blue and pink Kool aid and fill them up.  […]

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