Transitioning into Summer

Memorial Day weekend typically is the signal that summer has started.  Pools open, BBQ’s are being dusted off and the sprinklers are coming out.  For most school is out and lazy summer days have begun.

In our house, we have not hit this point.  I still have two in school.  My little girl will be done with public school tomorrow!  Alleluia!  A soon to be Senior will be done…soon hopefully.  Tension arises there everytime I bring up ending the school year.  And momma breathes in and out.  I want school to be done.

It is hard having this stepping into summer schedule.  Robby was done two weeks ago.  He is now in 5th grade and school work is different from 11th grade school work.  Isaiah is 5 and just does his thing now.  They are mostly free to play and watch TV this week.  I really can’t start a summer schedule till all are done with school.

Things to help us start transitioning into summer

  • Routines-create a morning and evening routine.  This differs for each of my kids because of age differences.  My two little ones have charts for the Target $1 section that just have chores and personal care items on them.  Robby I created one last night so he knew what he needed to do before running off with friends or jumping on the computer.  Jeremy my oldest, it is more about teaching him to mange his personal calendars with his work schedule.
  • Talking about all the things we want to do this summer!  Our 100 things to do this summer gets them all excited!  We have done some of items like 17, 23, 63, & 98.
  • Summer Food-Dan made BBQ ribs yesterday that were AMAZING and I am not just saying that cause I love that guy a lot!  They really were good!  Mix in watermelon, sweet tea, baked beans and homemade ice cream and we are talking summer here.
  • Scaling down clothes-I am going to hide/give away most of my children’s clothes other than the ones that will get them by this summer.  I hope by doing so it will make it so much easier for them to keep up with their wardrobe with would be just their bathing suits if I allowed it.  Not to mention how much easier laundry would be!
  • Keeping our house simple.  I know I have too much-everywhere.  It is overwhelming.  So putting as much away/give away stuff for summer gives us a more carefree area.  School as so much stuff with it.
  • Putting away school stuff.  I am sooo bad about this!  This year I already have a handle on it.  So once everyone is done, reports will go in and school stuff away.
  • Summer morning board.  I have thought about this.  I use a school morning board and think I could make one up for summer.
  • Finish baseball.  Robby and Isaiah still have tournaments to play in the next two weeks.
  • Schedule.  I have to keep a schedule for our days, weeks and months.  Everything fills up to quickly.  Kids want to know what are we doing?  They know the next two weeks schedules.  My 5 year cannot wait to do VBS at a neighboring Lutheran church next week.
  • Not stress about it.  As a mom I want everything perfect.  I want my kids safe and happy.  And I want a clean house, meals ready, laundry done, blogs to finished, yard looking perfect, garden growing…..I get too wound up I can’t even enjoy the moment.  Step back and breath.  Your kids are little only once and dust last forever.

These next two weeks will be our transitions weeks.  In total there will be like three of them for us.  Then summer will begin, full force ahead!

How are you transition into summer?


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