A Little Bit of Magic Heading to New York City

Well it is no secret that cruising and Disney are talked about on a regular basis here in this house.  My husband Dan is well umm addicted to cruising ( I like cruising) and we love Disney (I was there from the beginning!)  Disney cruises bring the best of both worlds together for us.

Right now as I type my husband is on another computer watching the Disney Cruise Ship Magic head up to New York City on Mariner Time.  Just seems not too long ago we were waiting for the arrival of Fantasy in New Your City.  We follow the building of that ship and her journey over.

We have been on two of the Disney Cruise ships now, Wonder and Dream.  Magic we get to go on in September for a 5 day cruise of New york up to New England and Canada.

Disney Cruises work well for our family!  They have more rooms that have a door joining them, so larger families like ours can be together.  And the kids activities are outstanding!  Sorry other cruise ships we have cruise on and still like….Disney by far has this one hit out of the ball park!

And of course being a homeschooling mom, why not a little “disneyschooling” along the way!  Think of the amazing hands on lessons my kids get!  Maybe a little side trip along the way to see the Liberty Bell?

Magic also will be our cruise ship next year when the two older boys, Dan and I head over to Europe!  We are on their first European cruise of the season.  This is a Wahoo Jeremy graduated from High School and Dan turns fifty!  (oh I am having fun with that one on the ship, the things I can do!)

Disney’s best kept secret is how we are able to do all our Disney cruising!  If you do decided to go invest in that best kept secret tell Mickey I sent you his way!


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