10 Resources for Summer Math Enrichment

Robby, my now new 5th grader, is done with school!  Did I just say that? 5th grade?  Wow!  I informed him that even though he was done with school, we was going to have to practice math everyday.   Early on Robby thrived in Math.  He loves math.  He is a perfectionist in Math.  He does not count on his fingers, he loves to do mental math.  But when we had a huge melt down over 9-7 and I knew we needed basic review this summer.  I told him 5 minutes a day.  So I have reasearchd sites for worksheets and awesome online math sites.

  1. We used this to learn Romal Numerals.  It is fun, cute, and shows all the different ways Romal Numerals are used!
  2. Math is Fun has lots of great things.
  3. Kid Zone has lots of worksheets and even has some summer themed ones
  4. Teacher Vision has some really nice ideas, but it is a membership site.  But it looks like the first 5 down loads are free so you can test it out to see if you want to keep the membership.  I like that.
  5. Family Education offers many links for many summer time learning activities.  Worth checking them out.
  6. Learn with Math Games has lots of resources to use.
  7. Education.com has an amazing amount of nice looking worksheets, activities and articles for parents!
  8. Math-U-See has an online worksheet generator.
  9. Lots on online math games
  10. Cool Math for Kids also has lots of great lessons, practice, games and online activities.


Math can be found anywhere.  Think in terms of word problems, without them knowing it.

“If I had 2 forks and I need 6 total, how many do you need to bring to me?”

Have a great summer!  Don’t forget to read!  And let me know what math are you doing this summer!

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