10 Resources for Summer Reading Ideas for Kids

It is no secret that I loves books!  I can not get enough of them and I want my kids to have the same love for books that I have!  Kids need to read!  It gives them a wonderful plays to imagine and explore!   especially over the summer time.  Give them challenges to read as much as they can.  It is fun to read without having to worry about “school”.  The best place for a summer reading program is your local libary.  I also found some wonderful sites that have some great ideas for reading programs, incentives, books to read, and lots more!  Check them out!

1.  A great fun printable program here!

2. Check out what iVilliage, PBS, and Scholastic have put together this summer!

3.  Scholastics Books

4.  A reading program

5.  Lots of Summer Reading ideas!

6.  Wondering what books for the kids to read this summer?

7. More books check out Amazon below

8.  Summer Reading Charts and Ideas

9.Summer Reading Home Camp Ideas

10.  Check out my Summer Pinterest Board!  Lots of great ideas for Summer Reading and other Summer ideas!



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