Cups, Sippy cups and Breast

Robby is our first born in our family (not oldest). He came from my tummy as the kids define it. The only three things that set him apart from my other kids is he grew in my tummy, he slept with us in bed and I nursed him.

Those first four years before other children entered into the picture I was able to research-books and Internet which had a huge wealth of information exploding on it. Maybe just a little too much reading. I was always ready for what was next not wanting to miss something!

I breast feed Robby 80% of the time. I did use bottles for juice and organic soy formula to supplement. (I was a little to crazy green then, I have balanced out to help the pocket book and the fact that I can’t feed every baby that comes in our house organic formula-we get WIC)

I had two theories being throw at me-leave them on the bottle till they are ready to stop sucking-followed the Let them lead the way to stop nursing or stop at one years old.

I introduced the Sippy cup at 10 months with some watered down juice in it and no stopper in it. Robby was in the high chair. By a year he was done with a bottle and it was breast or Sippy. We still nursed another 6 months and he stopped. Sippy cups where given at the table or out side. Never was he allowed to wonder with it-or goto bed with it.

At two we started a tupperware cup with a sipper seal on top. Outside I would give him open cups to drink from.

By three we used Sippy cups or cups with straws for traveling in cars long distances or when visiting others houses.

By four sippy cups are now water bottles. Which all my kids have.

I follow this path for all my babies minus the breast. I only had two that I had to wean off of bottles to Sippy cups. One went happy at 14 months. The other at 15 months. Each other were passy babies, which by 18 months for Isaiah we would give only when tired and then it lived only in the crib-then it just fell out….about 2 1/2.

There has been a lot of talk about no Sippy cups or pacifiers.

1. Teach kids at an early age not to walk around with their cup. Drinking is done at our table. Or sitting with daddy or mommy. (and yes when they are really cranky sometimes they had one more to hold on to) but our rule is drinks and food at table.

2. Fact is if you give a 14 month old baby a cup of milk, they will dump it out. That’s what they do. So have them sit at the table. Or outside. With just a diaper on. And towels all around.

3. Let them run with anything in their mouths and they fall-it will hurt.

4. Babies/toddles get hurt. Their mouths bleed alot, which freaks new parents out. Apply pressure to cut. If any of the teeth seem wiggly or not right, call your dentist. Most lip/tongue cut are minor but seem huge cause of the amount of blood that comes from them. . If in 10 minutes after apply pressure there is still a large amount of blood call your child doctor.

5. While baby/child lead is good-you are the parent. Learn this now. When you say no-do no feel guilty -you are the parent. You need this skill now so when they are teens… know how to say no!

6. No baby or toddler is going to get hurt being breast feed.

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