Makings of a Strong Family-A Chance to Particapate.

9.  Gives everyone an equal chance to participate.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Everyone participated in Mother’s Day.  From cards, to cooking me eggs, to making me coffee, to getting me teddy bear and balloons.  The family worked together.  As a mom it was fun to watch.  Each proud of what they were able to accomplish.

We got a puppy at Christmas time.  Everyone participate in the care of Sophie.  sometimes they fight over it.  Sometimes they whine over it.  But each have their part in the care of Sophie.  From walking, to bathing, to feeding her, to playing with her and to training her.  We participate together.

Have you ever cooked together as a family?  Gotten dinner ready?  Kids love to have some thing to do to help.  It is not a chore, but a way to help.  From cutting a carrot, to passing out carrots, and even unloading the dishwasher (when it’s their idea) it is a family affair.

What this does not mean, is that if the adults are doing something, it means the kids get to do everything the adults to.  The kids will have their time when their grow up.  Does not mean everything will be equal.  Older kids may get more or do more, cause they are older.  It is not about fairness.  Which is often a mistake in our house, especially when you have two so close in age.

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