The Sweet Sound of Happy Mother’s Day

Yes, Mother’s day is so us mom’s can set back and relax. Be pampered while our family prepares a scrumptious breakfast.

Ok ok, maybe we don’t get to sit back and relax all day. And I don’t think my pampering-aka as getting to stay in bed- will go past morning. But I love the sweet sound of mothers day.

It reminds me of mother’s day growing up, my dad and us three girls getting breakfast ready. I remember more the morning with my Dad, then how proud we were of what ever creation we created for our mom.

As I lied in bed thinking about the past, I got my first Mother

Then soon I get two cracks in the door with sweet “Happy Mother’s Day”. Melts my heart. You can hear all the commotion in the kitchen. They were so proud of what did and soon they came in bearing cards, gifts and and breakfast! And my coffee fixed just right!

Every year Mother’s day gets sweeter. Plus the gifts get more interesting!:). It’s a good thing I have an amazing hubby who knows how to bring it all together at the last minute!!



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