Am I Really Mom Enough?

I have not read the article. I get Time magazine. Just not the one flying around right now.

Am I really mom enough.

I never heard the term attachment parenting till after Robby was born. I knew I was going to breastfeed cause it was a healthy, not to mention free, choice for my baby. I never intended Robby to come to bed with me, but when we did we all slept better. I wore him in a sling. I did what I felt was right as a parent.

I was finishing my Master’s degree and while working on a project for life span development I stumbled on the term attachment parenting! “Hey hon, there is a name for how we parent! “. I thought it was funny! We were AP’s!! I researched and found a group of like minded moms in town. I also found Attachment Parenting International.

I nursed Robby till he was almost 18 months. I remember the last time he nursed. I didn’t stop him. Yes I am mom enough regardless of how long I nurse. My foster babies are bottle fed, still securely attached.

I carried my babies. Robby was three and I would tote him through the airport in a sling! The sling saved Isaiah. He was stiff as a board when he came to us. We held him all the time! I used the sling with him all the time! Yes I am mom enough.

I used cloth diapers and Pampers. I am mom enough.

I didn’t spend my first night away from Robby till he was 3. Now he is secure to be away from me for a week or two. I am mom enough.

Robby slept with us the first three years and in our room in a toddler bed for a year after. He is perfectly fine in his own bed! I am mom enough.

We homeschool. Our family choice. I am mom enough.

Am I more of a mom than you? I don’t think so.

The key to parenting is to follow your instinct. Do what you all feel is right-not what the world tells you. Too many moms try to be like the perfect mom. Not everything works. Do what’s best for your family. Books are great! I love many leading parenting experts. Including Dr Sears. I love his books. But I don’t live by them. I take what works for us. If breast feeding works for your toddler-then that is right for you. Our society needs to stop judging.

Be educated, read, but most of all, follow your gut when parenting!

Enjoy being a mom! They are only little for a short time!

I am mom enough really-my kids love me, I love them. And in our family that’s all that matters.


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