Makings of a strong family- Teaches respect for others

# 3 Teaches respect for others

It seems that this was once an easy thing to do.  Somewhere we have gotten off tract with respect.  I have watched respect crumble in the home, before the kids even get outside the walls.  When they do better watch out.  Who knows what will happen!

I asked my kids was does respect mean.  My youngest said not to do bad things or say bad things.

To be nice to someone was what my 10-year-old came up with.

In the words of my oldest it means manners toward some one.  Or that person is a person they admire so they respect them. He says there are different levels of respect.

Teaching respect is something that starts with mom and dad.  Dan and I respect each other and we respect others.  That teaches our kids how to respect others.   We are our children first teacher in this.  Our words are powerful things in our house.  And we know our kids are listening.

As I thought about teaching my children respect and what the world has to tell us if we don’t agree with them I want to make sure my kids understand a few things.  We don’t agree with every point of view of life, nor life style.  For many different reasons we don’t agree.  There is nothing wrong with our beliefs.   But that does not mean we treat them bad.  It does not mean that we ridicule them. Nor say hateful things.  The only way we treat them is with respect.  If use our manners toward them just like everyone else, then they are respecting them regardless of their views.

In teaching them respect teaching them reviewing the 10 commandments is a great way  to teach it to them.  (I mean God know us well!)  The last 6 commandments were one our relationships with each other.  Commandment 4 can teach respect for parents and authorities.  Respect life, respect marriage and respect others property.  I mean this stuff is good!

The book Hide it in your Heart (above) has amazing ideas to teach God’s word for you.  It is so worth checking it out.

Also on Pinterest I have been collecting lots more ideas for manners and other great ideas for making strong families!   (love the ones on manners for boys….:))



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  1. This is a great post about the importance of teaching respect. Karl and I have been talking about this a lot lately, and you’ve reminded me of a few things, as well as a few things to consider. Thanks!

    • mommahopper says:

      Thanks, I think it is something that we all need to remember for our kids! Especially in today’s world!


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