Ever heard of Pickle Pops?

I have to admit till last Monday evening while working up at our kids ball park concession stand, I had never heard of pickle pops.  But kids kept ordering them.  Simply it is frozen pickle juice.  Who knew?  Pickle juice, the kids loved it!  I went home and researched it.  All I found where The Pickle Pops!  They were seen on the Food Network show Unwrapped.

So today, we had to try it.  I let Isaiah try it.  At the ball park they freeze them in little cups, like Isaiah is holding below.  The jury in-yummy!  We need to make some!

pickle pops

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Pickle Pop's

By mommahopper Published: April 28, 2012

    Frozen Pickle Goodness.


    • 1 Large Jar Pickles We bought one from Costco today.


    1. Eat Pickles. This may take some time.
    2. Take juice and freeze it. We are going to use our tupperware freezer pops. You can also use ice cube tray with sticks in it.
    3. Enjoy frozen pops!


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