2 Weeks of Dinner Menu’s

When you are homeschooling, and running around with ball games and appointments and just life everything goes smoother when you are organized.  I know this.  I have learned from this.  I don’t always follow this.

But I got two weeks of meals organized!  Wahoo!  I have a zillion sources I pull from, made my first list.  Then I went shopping at Costco (mainly cause I wanted sausage and I can eat it from there) changed a few things up.  I love look at others list so here is mine.

  • Saturday-Italian Sausage w/ peppers and onions
  • Sunday-Chicken Pot pie (Costco)
  • Monday-Enchiladas (in freezer)
  • Tuesday-Cheeseburger pie
  • Wednesday-Crock pot Curried Chicken and Rice
  • Thursday-Stuff Shells
  • Friday Alaska Salmon
  • Saturday-Homemade pizza
  • Sunday-Eat out (we will go down to eating out every other Sunday to save money)
  • Monday- Quesadillas
  • Tuesday-Chicken Spaghetti (from my new Pioneer women cook book)
  • Wednesday-Crock pot Chicken tortilla soup
  • Thursday-Turkey Burgers (Jeremy and I have a special way!)
  • Friday-Fish Taco’s
  • Saturday-Chicken Wraps

I have some ideas for breakfast’s and lunches I am still working on.  I have another month before I need to have summer menu’s in place!

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