A year ago, today.

The other day I was doing my concession stand duty up at our kid’s ball park.  There was a teen girl working, and toward the end of the evening, we were talking about weather. We all knew that the one year anniversary of the tornadoes was coming up.  Her comment was, “well I hope I don’t lose my house a third time.”  I thought third time.  Just a few weeks ago, we had storms come through with unexpected tornadoes that took the same path as the big.  Some families were just finish their houses, when they got hit again.

One year ago changed this areas.  While for some it is just the distant memory of not having power for a week, for many, it took away how they lived.  It reminded us that our stuff is here and our stuff doesn’t matter.  It is the lives that matter.  But even so, we are changed for that day.  Driving around we still see evidence  of missing houses, trees broken in half, lives no more.

Every time we have tornado warning, everyone still tenses up and panics.  I talked to many mom’s who were in schools the other month who just didn’t know what to do.  They had to gain control so the kids saw them in control.  But when fear still lives in you, that is hard.

The fresh spell of tornadoes is something this country seems to have all over.  We are not the only ones who had tornadoes hit a year ago. That day began for us at 4:30a.m. when our son woke us up.  He listens to 88.1 and the sirens were ringing.

View Tornado Outbreak April 27, 2011 in a larger map

It was an unreal day.  We would speed eat lunch with the kids so they could get back into the little bathroom. The noon storm scared the hell out of me.  (excuse my language-but that was how I felt.)  The noise and the sound was something like I had never heard before.  The house shook.  There was hail.  It was loud.  All I texted to my husband was “oh shit.”  I don’t cuss.  I was scared.  When we came out, we had a huge puddle of water inside our house by our front door. Later we will learn that our front door was damaged a bit, at that time, I just thought the wind had pushed water through the bottom.

When you walked outside, the smell of broken trees filled the air.  There was an odd feeling in the air.  We were not done.

My husband came home and we spent the afternoon waiting for the guys from Service Pro to come and start drying up the water from our refrigerator that we found out had leaked.

We just kept watching the TV, the radar, the news reports.  We were saddened by what we saw, not knowing that the worse is still coming for many in our area.

A F-5 tornado came barreling through and tore a hug part AL.

We were only hit by a F-1.  We only lost a tree.  We had other damage.  Later we found out our trailer had damage to the roof.


Our damage was minor.    Some are getting on with life with out their love ones.



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