Ultimate Blog Party

Ok, a party.  I am up with that.  I love to party.  Have a good time!

But I have to admit, there are blog hops, blog parties, twitter parties, and the list goes on.  Every time I figure this out, some thing new pops up.  And tonight I stumbled across a blog party that I am going to join.

I love to party!  Now my definition of what a party is and my dear teenage son‘s is very different!  But I just got off the party cruise ship and had a great time.  Here in this house some days it seems like a party all day long and other days…well I  am in running for the mean mom award!

Most days you will find me getting kids ready to go, teaching them, guiding them, having fun with them.  We love to travel, with Disney being one of our favorite places to goto.  I home school three and one goes to public school.  We do foster care and have adopted three beautiful children.  I am a professional church worker (youth and families-DCE) and I love church.  Our faith is what holds us all together.  And most people call me supermom, I just want to get through the day without any screaming!  My house is never clean and laundry is always piled high!  But all this I would not change.

So let party!  I love to met new people!  Hop around my site, and I hope to be hopping over to your soon too!

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  1. I am really satisfied with this posting that you have given us. This is really a stupendous work done by you. Thank you and looking for more posts

  2. Great you meet ya!
    Stopping by to say hi during the UBP2012!

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