Parents, umps, and game balls

I am approaching this post with thoughtfulness, and gentleness.  As a simple reminder of why we are all the ball park.  We are there for our kids.  We are there cause we want our kids to learn a sport, to learn how to play on a team, to learn how to play well, to learn how to win, and how to lose.  We want the best for our kids.  We are there because we love our kids and we will do anything to make them shine!

We have been doing this baseball thing for 6 years now.  I  have learned a few things along the way.

  1. I have learned that there are good coaches and bad coaches.  You can not change your coach, you can only change your approach with the coach.
  2. I have learned at home I am  the coach, and on the field, coach is the coach.  It is hard sometimes to let that happen.  Still, to this day, I want to yell and tell them want to do.  But I also have been told by my 10-year-old son, that some times it is confusing when every one is yelling what to do.  So I have told him, only listen to the coaches-not me or anyone else.  Now you will find me still yelling at my youngest, but normally for behavior.
  3. Oh and I have learned that kids are going to play in the dirt, spin around, pick flowers, mow the grass, jump, do hand stands….well you get the picture.  This is very frustrating to me when my kids do this.  I want them to behave perfectly- at all times.  (yea I know not realistic) But at the same time I have to remember that I am the one who gives parents the speech at Christmas time about the Christmas program…you know the one, “don’t worry about it.  The kids will do fine.  Some one will pick their nose, and Susies dress will flip-up to see underwear.  Kids are kids.”  I know sometimes I have to swallow my own medicine.
  4. I also have learned that there are all kinds of parents.  There is nothing wrong with it.  We all support and love our kids. And we all want our kids and teams to do well.  Some parents yell at lot (ummm been guilty of this), some sit quietly watching (Yep I’ve done this too), some are braver to speak out what they think of an other teams coach (sorry to the coach I did that too) or express bad decisions made by the ump (ummmm……guilty)  and some are too busy socializing with others to know what just happened (been there too-just today in fact).  The only parents that I prefer to not be around are the ones that are negative and put down kids, theirs and others, instead of uplifting them in the game.  And the parents that seem to be in this game more for their glory  than for their child’s….a few I have had to walk away.  But truth be told, we have been blessed with our teams parents the last 6 years.  There are some I didn’t agree with certain ways of handling things-but we still agree to disagree.  Most of the time I think-glad they are not on our team!
  5. I have also learned that the ump, like all of us, makes mistakes.  But I have learned that the ump is always right, even if he did make a mistake.  His word is final, even when we do not agree with him.  And let me tell you there are many times that I have bit my tongue not agreeing with them.  But on another hand I have a feeling I know how it feels to  be in the umps place.  Trying to focus on something, while other people are yelling at you and how hard it is to focus on what you need to focus on.  And then getting annoyed cause everyone is telling me I am wrong or what to do.  And we all know that parents sometimes can be “cruel” without really knowing it-please forgive us.  And…(yes I know I am saying that a lot) with all that going on, regardless of what we think or feel-the ump is always right. (hmm sounds like rules in my house…rule 1-mom’s always right.  Rule 2-refer to rule one!:))

The game ball.  Every game that my kids have played in, one of the kids on the team get a game ball.  They get it for listening, playing well, acting well, speaking nice things.  Sometimes someone got two runs, or someone one out.  Maybe they stopped a ball in the out field or what every it was.  Some how that person stood out for that game.  Now there have been a few times where I really thought my child did well beyond their  normal playing ability and the game ball went to some one else who played well, but they always played well.  I think the lesson behind the game ball can be a gentle reminder to parents of how we are to act in the stands. Are our action and words worthy of a game ball?  Do we display good sportsmanship?  Are we listening to what is going on and speaking nice things (oh I know how hard this one is…..which is why some games I am far from getting a “game ball”)  Are we supportive of each other and support each others kids instead of talking umm not nicely about them (yes I have heard it).  Are we acting well in front of the children, coaches, the other teams parents and the ump (Yes I know we don’t like him tonight,)but……..

My questions to all us parents sitting in the stands….are we getting the game ball today?  Are we caught up in our emotions responding to the game or are our emotions catching up with us?

It is kids baseball/softball/tee ball

Are they learning and having fun…

Food for thought



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