What are we going to do with Isaiah?

The song from “The Sound of Music” What are  we going to do with Maria is flowing through my head.  But I changed Maria to Isaiah.  Cause I just don’t know what to do with that boy!

He can on one hand be the sweetest, kindest servant heart type of kid.  Like yesterday he spent time carefully putting legos into the easter eggs to hide for Robby.  He was fine.  He went to preschool.  With in 30 minutes I got a call from my husband to come and get him.  What happened between point A and point B?

I’ve wondered if I should just let him stay home instead of sending him to morning preschool.  Maybe it is just too much.  I was hoping to have him make it to the “moving on up” party.  I think we just moved on up now.  I’ve been thinking about sending him to kindergarten, like I did with his sister.  But I think he needs more time to explore and grow than to be confined to a class room. (And me less time in the principles office!)

Then I have thought, isn’t this why I started homeschooling Robby?  To let him develop and thrive on his own pace?  And I believe that we have done a pretty good job with him.  Maybe it is time to reevaluate what we are doing here for education.  And why we as a family homeschool.

Today Isaiah had a pretty good morning.  We have worked on listening the first time.  I have had a few activities for him to do.  He played with the dog a while. Did his own thing.  Gave him lunch.  Sent him to a nap.


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And in the 5 minutes Jeremy (my oldest) was ironing his clothes Isaiah managed to go into his room.  He smeared Vaseline all over his desk.  Pushed all his books off and ran off with his phone.


Me….keeping my cool…..I will not scream.  And in my firmest “parent voice” told him to get up and go pick up the papers and books.  Clean up the Vaseline.  And then we had to find the phone.

The funny thing was is Dan had just called to see how is was doing.  I was like fine and while I was talking to him Jeremy was motioning for me to goto his room.  How quickly that boy moves.

So what are we going to do with Isaiah?  Love him, nurture him, discipline him, mold him, pray for him, and did I mention love him.

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