Whose child you got?

There I was, leaning up against my car in the parking lot of the ball park.  It wasn’t a bad evening, kinda, but I knew that I had to cool down and take a mommy breather.  The three kids inside, one screaming and one knocking on the window.  Me, just counting with my eyes closed.

Earlier we had Isaiah’s t-ball game.  We won, but it was a tough game to watch cause Isaiah was all over, beyond anything I had seen out of him.  He doesn’t do well with transitions and t-ball is a fast transition game.  Batting he did great, but some how in the field…Oh it was hard to watch as a mom.  Some thing was going on in that little brain and I don’t know what it was.

After I went over to Mia’s(an other sister) softball game where AnQuenette and Robby were.  We were going to stay to watch it, but then AnQuenette start melting down cause I finished her drink (I didn’t know she wanted the rest of it) and I told her we would get more when we went home.  It was an hour after her bed time and knew she was tired.  I informed everyone it was time to go home and AnQuenette just lost it.  I left with her screaming and refusing to walk.  I picked her up (she is heavy) with her screaming, and kicking and starting leaving the park.  This was not the first time I had done this with her.

It is at this moment I wonder who is thinking “Whose child you got?”  I mean I am the white momma carrying the black screaming kid.  What do people think I am doing?  Most by now know us, but not everyone.  Most of me is not worried about this.  I have my child screaming.  Period.

I have paper work if needed.  It is called a birth certificate.  We even have their passports for when we travel.  That gives us the peace of mind that if we are traveling out-of-state or country, I have proof.   So when I certain child starts screaming as I have to remove them, and some one asks “Whose child you got?” we have proof.  I don’t need proof.  I know these are mine kids.

My oldest today at lunch said he was going to have some dude yell “Whose child you got?” while I was walking out with a screaming child.  I had to laugh cause I was really thinking about that today.  I was like “sure you go for it, I’ll let them know whose kid!”

So after about 4 minutes of  a mommy breather, I got back into the car with a screaming 6-year-old and headed home.  By the time we got home all tears were done and forget, two little ones got ready for bed and climbed in.  And I just smiled cause I know whose children I got.

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  1. My husband got that a lot more than I when they were younger. For some reason, a man with a little black toddler crying was more questionable than a woman I guess. I never had that issue. I completely understand what you are saying and feeling as well. God chose us to parent these children. I am truly blessed, even with all the 8 year old drama, the year of figuring out what our 9 year old is dealing with and finally having a medication that has made his sweet self come out of hiding. Even with all that, WE are BLESSED!

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