Our sailing trip on the ‘Alexander von Humboldt’

Our first port on our cruise was to Freeport, Bahamas’.  At first we were going to do nothing.  It is hard finding something for our family, a spread of 12 years from oldest to youngest.  But as I read the available shore excursions the words “Historical Windjammer Sailing” jumped out.  First of all, I home school and any “educational” opportunities disguised as fun, I eat it up!  Second, I love being on sail boats.  I love being in the water.  And I knew the kids would love it.  So Dan got us signed up and off we were.

Getting off on Freeport was easy and carefree, compared to Nassau.  But when we go there, no one seemed to know about our sailing trip.  There was one other family signed up to go and after a bit of a wait, things got sorted up and soon we walked over to the ship.

Ended up we were the first sailing group to go out.  She had just sailed over from Germany and had only been there about two weeks. ‘Alexander von Humboldt’  is over a 100 years old and first was a training boat before a sail boar.  The German crew was training the Bahamian crew to take over.  While it seemed a little rocky at first, things went fairy smoothly.  We went out for a three tour (Yes now I am singing the song!)


Our tour guide, Denise, was very helpful and took great care of us.  It was a lot of fun seeing how the crew worked together.  I had never been on such a sail boat and there are so many ropes that everyone has to be in sync with each other.

When the ship got her sails up, some of the German sailors came over and showed the kids how to make knots and then each family (remember only two on this little sailing trip) got to go back and “steer” the boat.

All the crew were very friendly and nice.  They bent over backwards to make our trip enjoyable.  And at the end we all got sailing certificates.

I would recommend this little excursion for anyone and any age.   We had a blast!



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  1. Hi, I enjoyed your site. I was wanting to ask you about your cruise, specifically about the windjammer. I am going on my first cruise to celebrate my kids graduating from college. I am disabled and noticed the windjammer is rated as “moderate”. Can you tell me if a person not in good physical shape, mild disability “fibromyalgia” not in a wheelchair, could handle this trip. Is there places to sit or do you stand the entire time? Are there a lot of stairs? Thank you!

    • mommahopper says:

      Hi! Thanks for hopping by! There is a ramp you walk up to the boat in. Once on the main level there are a few benches and places to sit. Always be careful because there are ropes and such around, just a matter of keeping a watchful eye. There are steps going down to an other level like a ladder. There are seats in the galley. When going through the doors you have to step over a small rim. I will look through my pictures to see if I can show you. When coming to the boat, we all walked over. But one lady got a ride cause she couldn’t walk that far (maybe like a 5 minute walk over-you can see the boat from the ship) But she seemed to get around the ship ok. It was a great trip!


        Hope that all is well with you…..this is GEVAUGHN MUNNINGS from the alexzander von humboldt…and I just wanted to thank you for leaving such A good report….happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself and had such A good time…the alex and its crem members are hoping to see yall again soon…thank you again

        • mommahopper says:

          Thank you! The kids still talk about our trip!! One day when we get back it is on our list!! Hope all is well!

  2. Alexander Mühl says:

    Amazing! I used to sail onboard the "Alexander von Humboldt" several times while she was registered in Germany. I really love this ship. I used to say, that she's my second great love (the first great love, of course, is my sweetheart).

    Best regards from Germany.

    • mommahopper says:

      We really enjoyed sailing with her and all her history!! And if we go back we will do it again! I love how many great people I have met from this ship! Continue loving that first love of yours!:) Blessings


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