The Stares

Our family is as normal as normal can be to us. But we are unique and we know it. Our two youngest children are bi racial, and many times we travel with one or two extra. Its amazing how many stares we get.

I have noticed this before but not as much as I have on this cruise. Walking along I have my beautiful “brown children” in front of me bouncing and hopping and calling me momma. My oldest behind me and as we walk along the heads just turned. I am not sure what they were looking at, but the looks always start with my two little ones and go to me.
What’s funny about this is it really is not that uncommon for a black and white to have babies together. In fact in England and Bahamas’ it is more common than I knew.
It is always more fun the stares when the whole family is together. Dan went grey early in life, so when they see two white people with two black babies….different ideas pop up.
Like maybe they are raising grand babies. Or foster care or adopted.
My favorite is when we are asked “so where did you get them?”
I know what they mean and chuckle inside when ask that question. And little do they know it opens the door to share my story!
The stares bother me more when it is directed in a mean way, typically directed toward my youngest. Isaiah has issues with transition and has quite the mouth on him. But I am learning to ignore the bad stares and smile at the curious ones.
This is my family….stare all you want cause we got a story to tell.




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  1. When we first got our oldest three (all as 3 week old babies, all within 2 1/2 year) we didn’t get too many stares. What we, or I should say my husband got though was actual questions as to who the child belongs to, especially when out with our daughter. He was at Fred Meyer once and she was pitching a little fit and he was stopped before leaving the store. Same thing happened at a mall. He was stopped and questioned. He turned to our daughter and asked her who he was, she responded with daddy. I understand their reasoning, but if it had been me, there wouldn’t have been any questions asked. I agree with you, I love being asked questions because it opens the door to sharing our family’s story and therefore their story.

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