Foster Babies, St. Patrick’s Day and Baseball

It seems that baseball and foster kids go hand in hand for us. 5 years ago our first foster baby was born. Nathan, was a Preemie and was in the NICU for about two weeks. I remember when we first got the call, we were so excited and scared. We went to go see him, oh my he was so small! For two weeks I would go visit him every other day and call about 4 times a day. We thought he was going to go home but stopped breathing for just a moment, and when preemies do that, they have to stay for 5 more days. Finally I goto this call that we could go pick him up. Of course Robby was 5 and I was going in between a drama class and his t-ball practice. And Robby needed a LOT of practice when he first started t-ball (a blog idea for later!) . Robby and I headed over the hospital to get Nathan, just over 4lbs then. I was so scared and excited. It was happening so fast!

I showed up at practice with this tiny preemie! Since practice was at someone’s house and I knew I could be inside (they had a small baby too) I felt ok about it. So I sat inside with these ladies all cooing at this new little baby.

Nathan was with us for three months! I loved ever moment of it and sad when he left. He went to go live with his Aunt, which we knew when getting him. Sad though is 3 months later she gave him back, but because we already had two other little ones we were not able to take him back. That was harder than handing him off. I think of Nathan often. Today he is 5, like Isaiah. I always wonder what happened with him, he was the only foster child I don’t hear updates on. Praying he is in a loving adoptive home!

Speaking go baseball, it was opening day at our park for three of our kids. Robby is playing 10u and is on the team the Bolts, AnQuenette is on the 6u for girls softball, and Isaiah is starting fresh on his t-ball team the Indians’. It was a good first day!




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