Really you have 6 kids?

I always love when people ask “how many kids do you have?”  My response varies but normally is something like “6 kids right now.”  And normally their faces drop!  Right now?   Which normally allows me the opportunity to share our story of fostering and adopting.
For the last week we have been a family of 8. We are doing respite care for a 3 & 2 year old.   While it takes a little bit of logistics to get things together these two little kids fit right on in.  My kids adjust well to having new kids in and out.  I am very proud of them and how well they do and how much they step up.  I feel that we are teaching them about serving others and caring for theses that need a safe home while their family figure things out.  And like respite care, we are helping other foster parents.
Somethings that we had to do to get ready. We switched the crib and the toddler bed putting the crib in the boys room and the toddler bed in the girls room.  While their suit case just ended up in the boys room, I found a crate to put their dirty clothes in.  I have different plastic bins with different age toys in them.   So we got out two bins- funny thing is the older kids have fun playing with them too!  Other than putting car seats in the care, we were ready to go.  Because I want to try to keep kids schedules as stable as can be, LeAnn went to her mommy day out.  But it made my afternoon schedule a little crazy, cause I had pick up at 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30 pm.
My favorite part of this respite care was when we went to the Chinese Buffet with 8 kids (we two visiting that day) and yes we were that family whom all our kids were well believed and listened and I was very proud of them!

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  1. Your answer of having six kids “now” made me smile remembering the days when we were foster parents and the number of kids we were caring for could change in an hour! We sometimes did respite too over a weekend or a week, adding to the number and creating an even more interesting family dynamic!!! We have taken a break from fostering as we developed a habit of adopting our foster kids and so our family is pretty large right now on its own, but I have some find memories of the eight years we spent fostering.

  2. I think it’s wonderful that you can provide foster and respite care. And way to go on being the well-behaved family at the Chinese buffet! :-)

    • mommahopper says:

      Thanks…I have to admit, not every visit to the buffet goes so smoothly! LOL Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I remember those days! :) We loved fostering, and doing respite was always so fun for my boys. I remember once a 5yr old we had for 5 days because his foster family had a Disney vacation scheduled for months prior to getting him, and he and my boys “camped out” on the boys’ bedroom floor in sleeping bags and had such a great time. I miss fostering but we realized that if we didn’t close our license (after 9 years & 2 special needs adoptions it was time) we’d have kids until we DIE. lol! We love our kids but we do want them to grow up and maybe leave someday. đŸ˜‰ Those sure were fun times though. I always loved to see people’s reactions when they saw us with our assortment (and age range) and the fluctuating numbers always made people curious. Enjoy this!

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