When your 3 year old says he saw fire….

Yesterday we had eaten a yummy dinner and came home to see if we were going to go bowling.  We were only planning to be home for a few minutes.  Everyone ran in to use bathrooms and such.  Isaiah came to me and said “mommy I saw fire in my room.”  Ok I said fire huh.  Isaiah is 3 and has a wonderful imagination.   He said this a few more times.  We just kinda of brushed it off.  So finally I said “ok show me.”  So we started walking to the room and I realized the hall light was out.  Ahhh I figured the hall light went out and flashed be it went out and that was the firer.  So Dan went and got a light bulb and was going to change it.  Soon he realized that none the lights in that area works so he went in flipped the breaker.  Checking to make sure light were working he went to flip on the boys light….a loud pop and sizzle came from the room.  “Are you Ok” I yelled to Dan.  “Yep” he said and came with the source of the firer.  This summer Isaiah had a temper tantrum and threw a toy and broke part of their light switch plate.  We just never fixed it.  In the few minutes we were home, found a tape measure and stuck it in.  The firer.  Well sparks and blew the fuse.  Melted the tape measurer and the plate.

So moral of the story…1) change plate right a way…2) when your 3 year old says he saw firer check it out the first time!
 We were lucky this time…..

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