Schooling at Disney-Animal Kingdom

So my goal was to use resources we have to help with schooling, and since we had season passes and are Disney Vacation members and Dan was talking Jeremy for the week for guy stuff…I thought it only right to go to Disney to homeschool for the week.  
And today was first day-we did Animal Kingdom.  I researched for lesson plans or worksheets and found very little.  Disney it self now does programs for homeschoolers twice a year.  But doesn’t have much beyond that.  So I just put a list of things I would like Robby and little kids to do while here.  We are not scheduled this week, so each day I don’t know what park we are going to…but here is what I came up with for Animal Kingdom….

Goals for Animal Kingdom
  • Identify 15 animals
  • Identify 5 plants
  • Identify where we are with the continents mentioned in the park
  • Read the map 
  • Dig for fossils 
  • Identify fossils 
  • Who studies fossils
  • What does a veterinarian do?
  • How does Disney care for the animals?
  • Learn something about an animal you didn’t know.
  • Identify 5 birds
  • Try to get all Kids Spots
I think overall we did ok on this list.  We didn’t get to all the kids spots…with little ones we don’t move very fast!  Because I knew what to look for I plan next time to have different things ready.  

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