And why do I need to learn this Algebra….

Let’s face it, every kid who doesn’t like math or fully understand it says “Why do I need to learn this?  Where am I going to use it?”  And when asked the other day it made me remember asking the same thing.  I wonder where am I using it now?  And as I looked down at the worksheet I realize, well I learned it for this moment…to teach my child.  But really I didn’t know 24 years ago when I was learning Algebra what I was going to be doing.  At that time I wondered why I am learning this?  I loved my teachers, but Algebra was hard to learn.
So I did some research….why do you need Algebra?
First it is required and is needed for ACTS and SATS

The rest, check out the web pages….
Algebra in the Real World – this site has many other sites on the bottom with great links.

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