Math in One Day?

My two older children are so different but yet alike.  My oldest one-10th grader- doesn’t like math.  He struggles with some of the concepts and because he didn’t get a good foundation when he was younger it is hard for him.  For him if he could run away and never do math he would be perfectly fine with that!
Now my 3rd grader-he has his daddy’s brain (thank goodness cause mine works more like my older one) and loves math.  Today he decided he was going to do all his math sheets in one day.  That is 6 sheets of math.  He decided that since it was easy he was just going to get it done and be finished.
They both have their reasons for running away from math or diving into it all at once.  The don’t want to be doing school work and like having their free time.  I can understand that…just the older one is going to be still be doing school work while the younger one is done…
Sooo I wonder what we will get done today?

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