When momma is sick…

When you homeschool everything is life becomes your class room.  And when a child becomes sick, it is no fun.  But if you have other kids it becomes lessons in taking care of the sick, tending to them, bringing them things to make them feel better.  And momma can make things better.
But when momma is sick, the house has to function at a different pace.  It may be a sick day in terms of maybe no school work (although nice thing about computer class work is the kids can see if there are any assignments).  But the day also becomes a learning day.  Not everything in life goes as planned.  So the oldest may have to monitor the younger ones to make sure they are safe, and the 8 year old may need to feed the little ones or keep them entertained.  Everyone working to together to keep the house running.
Being able to adjust quickly is a life skill that is very variable later on.  And knowing how to take care of some one when they are sick is good for kids to know.
Now if my husband had been home from travels, he would have stayed home for a while and gotten things started, but it is good to know that my kids can handle it when momma is sick.

I was thinking about making a “When momma is sick” box.  With special things in it.  Just a thought for a later time.

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