American History

How and what order to teach history always seems to be a big topic of discussion.  Do you start at the beginning and work you way to today?  I decided that I was not going to do that.  So far we focused on American history in K and 1st grade.  Then Geography last year.  So this year I decided to do American History again.  I think that it is important we teach our kids the values our country had when it first began and train them to be strong Christian citizens.   And I also think as Robby get older he can better understand the earlier years of our world.
And I knew just what I was going to use.  I had seen these hand’s on lessons for two years now, drooling over them, but waiting cause Robby needed to be older to do these.  Homeschool in the Woods has this most awesome series called the Time Traveler Series.  We are doing The New World Explorers unit right now.
So far Robby has learned about explorers and why they explore.  Reviewed the world map with continents and oceans.  Has looked at life of a sailer on a boat.  Eaten beef jerky (we were suppose to make some…maybe that will still happen).  He is learning how to make some knots.  We are going to make a captains log, we have the paper ready (made it look old with left over coffee).  We have talked about flags and how important flags were in identifying ships.  Today we looked at ships and names all the parts.  Robby is going to make his own ship out of a big box.  I told him he also has to make his sail using an old sheet.  We have vocab and sea says we will learn.  And starting in a few weeks we will be looking at many explorers, creating a newspaper about each one.   And we will be talking about pirates!!!  So I though the Pirates of the Caribbean would be good to watch!
When we are done we will have a lapbook to put together and at the end of this study we will have an explorer party and invite some friends over!

Explorers Flags
Robby’s Flag

After this is done we are going to do

  • Colonial Life
  • American Revolution
  • The Early 19th Century
  • The Civil War
  • The Industrial Revolution to the Great Depression 

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