National Youth Gathering Part 5-The Servant Event day

But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God.  And that by believing you may have Life in His Name.”  John 20:31  This was the theme verse of the gathering whose theme was Believe.  While I could write quit a bit about our experiences I want to share one other experience.  
Each day we followed tracks, Look at what we believe, Listen to what we Believe, and Live what we Believe.  Our Live day we had signed up to do a servant event.  All I knew was we had to be in front of the convention center at 8:30 at bus 78 and that we were going to do landscaping or painting.  When we rushed to get there on time our bus stop was on the other side (convention center is a mile long).  Our kids were already tired and hot.  As our bus pulled up, a school bus, the complaining started a little.  No air conditioning on the school bus.  Soon it was time to head out into the unknown.  Two years ago our kids were in 9th ward helping clean up a Lutheran Church hit bad.  Now we were on an unknown street.  Most of our bus goes one way and we head around the block to a small Lutheran church.  As we walked in a gentleman is telling us about the space program and what he use to work on with the pieces to  Apollo and other space related things.  He was trying to paint a picture of what people there use to do.  Soon we were spreading out at Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Not being a very large church most of the painting jobs were taken so our group heads out side with gloves and garbage bags and just start picking up trash.  We work about an hour when nice cold bottles of water came to us and we took a break in the shade.  Soon we were done and it was time to clean up.  We were blessed that this church feed us lunch and after lunch an even better treat, snow balls!!   Now we were told that we would be lucky to have bathrooms or water and not to expect lunch.  I felt that even though we had such a wonder chance to serve this church and neighborhood they served us back and that was a very humbling experience.

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