When Notice Comes Due: Grief and Loss with Foster Care

October 1st of last year, we took in a 4lb 2oz foster baby girl. She was the tiniest little thing. She was a preemie -about 6 weeks early. She grabbed our hearts and off we went to be her foster parents. Length of time unknown. Or as my daughter would say: till further notice. For months we grew this baby girl. … [Continue Reading]


How I Teach Upside Down Children Math

Oh the screaming!  I am sure if you were on the other side of our door on any given morning there would be some sort of screaming going on in my house.  And while I am working hard to curb my end of the screaming-most of it comes from my children.  For many reasons. (Remember I said my house is never quiet-one of the … [Continue Reading]


A Quick Adoption Resources for your Community

I have been blessed with 3 beautiful adopted children.  I am not going to tell you which ones.  But three of my four kids are adopted from foster care and we continue to be involved with post adoption resources when ever and where we can find them. One of my favorite online resources I have found is the Dave Thomas … [Continue Reading]