Eating Candy for Breakfast and Oh I Believe

Well, like all other parents on Easter, we are exhausted.  I awoke 4am to use the bathroom and when I went back to bed I noticed the lights on in the kitchen.   In there was a very awake 12 year boy-ready for Easter.  Ready for his basket.  Ready to goto church.  He was ready for the day.  I was ready for bed.  But I … [Continue Reading]


The Night Before Easter

The Night Before Easter And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Except momma settling down With Baskets filled with candy and toys And Easter eggs that are colored and ready to be hidden Easter outfits were pressed and ready to go. Shoes were found and lined up in a row. Everything of tradition for … [Continue Reading]


Is Holy Week for Kids?

Through the last 12 years of being a parent I have struggled with parenting and worship. It is not always easy.  Kids have whined, screamed, thrown, (no really I had one child throw a shoe in worship), fallen in the pew and bumped their head.  I have dragged children out unwilling. I have had Cheerios spill, coffee … [Continue Reading]