25 Things Moms Need to do this Summer

 Sleep in Do less dishes Have dad grill more Eat out less Read more Give more hugs and kisses Pair down kids clothes for summer Drink coffee with friends Nothing Build a fort and hide Cuddle Whisper more Dig in the dirt Eat ice cream Get dressed up Laugh till your belly hurts Visit … [Continue Reading]

25 Things Moms Need to do this Summer

100 Things to do This Summer: 2014

For the past few years, my kids now look forward to our 100 Things to do This Summer!  This year I worked to put a few new things in that I knew everyone would love! Hope you love our new list! I made the one I am sharing with you a bit more generic.  We plan to visit the Space and Rocket center and SciQuest.  I just … [Continue Reading]


10 Random Thoughts That Float in My Mind

I talk to myself a LOT. No really- I am the one in the store mentally talking out loud going through my check list. My kids will look at me and say, "mom who are you talking to?" I smile and respond "my mind." My mind is a dangerous place to be. Like when the thought "If I can "just" do this" enters in. Folks "just" … [Continue Reading]