Where Am I Hiding?

Most days, when I finally see that glimmer of hope, I slowly quickly make my way to my bathroom.  That is my hiding spot in my house.   That is where no one expect for toddling babies may enter.  That is my zone.  A place where I can regain a moment of getting me back and enter back into the trenches of being a mom. … [Continue Reading]

Giving God the Glory Glory

I have been up since about 3ish.  Wasn't because of the baby.  Although the baby did wake up.  The reason is really not all that important to blog about.  But I was unable to go back to sleep. So I wandered out to the kitchen.  Made myself a cup of coffee and enjoyed the stillness of the morning quietness till I … [Continue Reading]


The Unexpected Family Storm

Three years ago-our family was hit with the worst unexpected family storm.   Actually Storms. Began with a week-long snow/ice storm.  Then a very close family friend had their 13-year-old son get sick and within 3 months die.  Then the tornadoes hit.  One after another. What I learned from that year was we were not … [Continue Reading]

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