Have You Been Nice for Christmas?

With all the threats of Elf on the self watching and you better be cleaning your room or else you will not be getting any toys for Christmas.  Or stop fighting with your brother and sister.  Don't throw that book across the room or else there will be nothing good for Christmas. We parents focus so much on kids being … [Continue Reading]


How I Survived Yellow Paint on The Floor: Creative Discipline

Yesterday was one of those days. You know those days. When the kids seem three times as loud and they get into everything! Where they torn apart the homeschool room I had just got done putting together! Or sneaked into my closet and took my stash of gum.  Or scatter little beads to a craft project all over the … [Continue Reading]


Initiative Taken by Children

I am so impressed with my two younger kids. Considering that they have messes in other areas that they need to be cleaned, they saw the dishes had filled up. One day of no dishes in our house and they are all dirty. My thought is every child dirties them-every one can help. I should not have to ask. Right. … [Continue Reading]